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Our School Patron – Our school takes its name and patronage from Mary, the Mother of our Lord.  We live and learn under the loving care of Our Lady.

Our Founding Order – Our school was established in 1954 by the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions. We proudly identify as a Mission School and live out the Mission charism of our founding order.

Our Parish – We are proud to be the parish school for St. Mary’s Parish, Papakura.  Our Parish Church is located at 52 East Street, Papakura.

Our House Patrons – In keeping with our Missionary charism, all students become members of one of four Houses, which take the name of four inspirational missionary heroes of our Church:

  • Barbier House ... Sister Euphrasie Barbier
  • Chanel House ... St. Peter Chanel
  • Pompallier House ... Bishop John-Baptiste Pompallier
  • Xavier House ... St. Francis Xavier

Enrolment Eligibility – Enrolment is available for children whose family have an established connection with the Catholic faith community.  We enrol students in Year 1 to Year 8.  A limited number of places are available for non-Catholic students.

Teaching Teams – Our school is organised in teaching teams, so students come to identify closely with, and are known well by the teachers in the team.  We currently have three teams:

  • Team Bethlehem ... Year 1 and 2 Students
  • Team Nazareth ... Year 3, 4 and 5 Students
  • Team Jerusalem ... Year 6, 7 and 8 Students

School Curriculum – We teach the New Zealand curriculum and the Religious Education curriculum approved by the Catholic Bishops of New Zealand. Priority is given to Religious Education, Literacy and Numeracy.

Support Programmes – We provide additional support where necessary, especially in the areas of Literacy, English as a second language and special abilities.

ICT / Library – Our school is equipped with a range of technologies and a well-stocked library, in support of student learning.  All classes have computers with Internet access, data projectors and interactive technology.  Shared access to other ICT equipment (cameras, data recorders, etc) is also available to all classes.

Active Lifestyles – Our school values regular physical activity for all students.  PE, sport and fitness programmes are regular features of our curriculum.

Leadership – All students in our school gain opportunities for leadership, at the class level and for older students, on a school-wide basis.  Senior roles include Student Leaders, House Captains, Peer Mediators, Librarians, Road Patrol and Sports Monitors.

Cultural Diversity – We enjoy a rich cultural diversity at our school, which is reflective of our local and parish community.  Opportunities for cultural expression arise through programmes such as Kapa Haka and Pasifika, with other opportunities offered as staff and parent assistance permit.

Communication – We value regular, respectful and open communication with parents and caregivers.  We will listen with care, act promptly and communicate any concerns proactively.  We strive to build a positive partnership between home and school.

Discipline – We have high expectations for student behaviour.  We show respect for one another and expect students to do the same.  We support students to make good choices and to learn from their mistakes.  Where student behaviour falls short of our expectations, we apply our disciplinary processes fairly, promptly and consistently. We maintain communication with families regarding disciplinary events requiring attention.

Enrolling With Us – If you wish to enrol your child with us, please contact the school office to request enrolment forms or to arrange to meet with me.  We look forward to you and your child joining our school community.