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St. Mary's has been helping to shape and grow strong Catholic children since 1954.

Our school is representative of our local Catholic community; all drawn together through their wish to see their children taught within a Catholic, Christian environment. We value our cultural diversity, our care for one another and our wish to see children drawn into fullness of life.

A Quote from our Principal: “I have now been Principal of four schools. The first three schools were state schools and I enjoyed leading them.  However, in my time at St. Mary’s I have come to cherish the opportunity that working within a Catholic School offers.  Here the whole child can be nurtured.  We do not have to 'park’ matters affecting their spiritual development and concerns.  Here, total development can be our aim. Working as part of the triangular relationship of home, school and parish, we can aspire to see every child drawn to their full potential. What a great privilege that is, as a Principal and as a Catholic ... Thanks be to God".