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Team Bethlehem

Welcome to Team Bethlehem

Team Bethlehem is where you find our youngest children.  Once they turn five, children can begin their learning journey, and this is where it all starts.  We have wonderful teachers, neat children and lovely classrooms.  We spend the first two years of our time at school here in Team Bethlehem.  Children in the team range in age from five to seven.  

The Team Bethlehem teachers are, the Team Leader, Mrs Cobbald plus Mrs Baker, Mrs Gillan and Mrs Govender. Our Reading Recovery Teacher Mrs White also works with Team Bethlehem children.

New entrants to Year 2 Students

Team Bethlehem provides education for our youngest children. 

It includes our New Entrant, Year One and Year two students. These children range in age from five to seven.

The team is led by Mrs Jeannette Cobbald. 

The team is currently made up of Mrs Baker, Mrs Cobbald, Mrs Gillan and Mrs Govender.